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2022 Winners

Grand MX Campaign of the Year

Harvey Agency

Harvey’s memorable mashup campaign that blends the excitement of Shark Week and holiday cheer. “Hark Week’s” custom art pieces were minted into NFTs and put up for sale during the week leading up to Christmas to benefit the National Aquarium in Baltimore.

Runner-Up Campaign of the Year

JCC of Greater Baltimore (Agency: Devaney & Associates)

In 2021, The JCC of Greater Baltimore (also known as “The J”) commissioned Devaney & Associates to create a campaign that would help restore its once-thriving membership base after the fallout of COVID-19. The resulting campaign—A Good Fit—not only brought to light the J’s uniquely achievable and more welcoming approach to fitness, it took a hyper-local, digital-first media plan to zero in on valuable new target audiences outside of The J’s historically insular community. In 8 weeks, the campaign delivered 240 new memberships, a 132% return on the J’s original campaign goal.

2nd Runner-Up Campaign of the Year

American Nurses Association

In partnership with Johnson & Johnson and the American Nurses Foundation, the American Nurses Association and 21 collaborating organizations formed the COVID Vaccine Facts for Nurses campaign to persuade nurses to get vaccinated against COVID-19. Leading with facts and leveraging the power of nurses’ voices to share the importance of scientifically accurate messages about vaccination, the campaign philosophy focused on active listening, education, prioritization of at-risk populations, collaboration across the profession, and amplification of messages. Three key campaign topics were selected based on survey results to guide content: Science Behind Vaccines, Real Stories from Real Nurses, Nurses for Vaccines. These topics were used as the basis for website assets, social media content, educational programs, events (including campaign’s marquee series, “COVID in Color”), infographics, and discussion guides. The results exceeded every goal, and the campaign played a strong role in supporting and influencing nurse vaccination.

Best New Brand Identity Campaign of the Year

REPREVE (Agency: Phoenix Lifestyle Marketing Group)

UNIFI, makers of REPREVE, is a global textile manufacturer that produces high-quality fiber from plastic bottles. REPREVE is used by many of the world’s most recognizable brands. UNIFI tapped The Phoenix to lead REPREVE’s brand recalibration in hopes of replacing their problem-focused positioning with one focused on the optimism of what can result from embracing the innovative solutions that REPREVE provides.

Through facilitation of The Phoenix’s patented Brand Development Process, the Brand Architecture, Messaging, and Visual Representation now inspire the possibilities of A Waste-Free World. Implementation of The Phoenix framework has resulted in a fine-tuned strategic focus on what can be achieved when REPREVE pushes the boundaries of transparent sustainability to drive innovation that inspires change.

In the words of Unifi’s Director of Marketing: “The Phoenix Process has been the fastest and most effective way that I have ever established a Brand Archetype in my 25-year career.”

Best Rebrand Campaign of the Year

Gray & Son (Agency: Zest Social Media Solutions)

A 100% family-owned company established in 1908, Gray & Son is a cornerstone of the Maryland economy. Gray & Son began as a humble mill and dam in Butler and has grown to serve as a leading contractor in the greater Baltimore metropolitan area for both private and public construction projects. Throughout the past century, the company has expanded its services, adopted new technology, and grown its internal team, but has never lost sight of the roots that hold it in place. 

In 2020, Maryland Paving merged into Gray & Son, further strengthening Gray’s presence in the industry and propelling the company’s status as an asphalt and paving powerhouse. With a need to both assimilate the new entity into the Gray brand and breathe life into a dated logo, the team set out to bring modern elements to a century-old company without diluting the strength of the previous branding.

Best Marketing Collateral Campaign of the Year

United Way of Central Maryland (Agency: Sandy Hillman Communications)

United Way of Central Maryland has a nearly 100-year history of meeting the unique needs of the people and communities in Greater Baltimore – especially in times of crises. As a highly trusted organization, our deep roots, local strength, and mutually beneficial partnerships to improve lives make United Way an unparalleled resource to unite residents, donors, businesses, and volunteers to create meaningful, measurable, and lasting change to strengthen our neighbors and the neighborhoods they call home.

Quarterly Impact Report is an interactive platform that allows donors and supporters to see the impact of United Way’s work on a regular basis.

Best Market Research Campaign of the Year

Rare Patient Voice

Rare Patient Voice launched by Maryland marketing executive Wes Michael in 2013, is an innovative recruitment firm, providing hard-to-find patients and caregivers for all types of research projects. With a mission of helping patients and caregivers to share their voices, RPV connects clients who need participants for studies with the patients and caregivers they are looking for, spanning more than 700 rare and non-rare diseases. Historically, RPV had signed up most of its panel members through in-person patient awareness events, walks, and conferences. 

In 2021, to counteract the cancellation of in-person patient events due to the pandemic, RPV pivoted to a focus on its referral program, seeking out and partnering with individuals and patient advocacy groups to invite patients and caregivers to join its growing panel. This model proved successful, with RPV working with over 2,000 referral partners in 2021. Rare Patient Voice has grown to feature a panel of over 100,000 patients and caregivers spanning the US, Canada, the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and most recently, New Zealand, and Australia. RPV continues its mission of helping to make the patient voice an integral part of research and progress towards improving patient lives.

Best Marketing Technology Campaign of the Year

Siemens Healthineers (Agency: Alexander & Tom, Inc.)

Cases of congenital syphilis, a chronic infectious disease acquired by the fetus in the uterus before birth, are currently rising in the U.S. and causing an alarming number of infant fatalities. These deaths are easily preventable by treating the mother with common antibiotics in the early stages of pregnancy.

To raise awareness of the rise in congenital syphilis among clinicians and lab professionals, Siemens Healthineers hired Alexander + Tom to execute an educational outreach campaign. The anchor of that campaign was the “Congenital Syphilis – Saving Two Lives in the Lab” video.

Best B2B Campaign of the Year

BGE (Agency: ICF)

With mid- to large-sized businesses on the road to recovery after the pandemic, Baltimore Gas Electric (BGE) was in the unique position of being able to help businesses through the Energy Solutions for Business (ESFB) energy savings programs in support of the EmPOWER Maryland Energy Efficiency Act.

The challenge faced was how to simplify the messaging around an intricate variety of savings opportunities. Based on in-depth customer research findings, BGE developed a user-centric campaign to emphasize program benefits in a simplified manner, all while keeping content universal enough to appeal to the target audience.

Best B2C Campaign of the Year

DuClaw Brewing Company (Agency: 212 Communications)

DuClaw Brewing Company launched “Hopportunity Awaits” hazy IPA and scholarship grant in partnership with Craft x EDU, which champions inclusion, equity and justice in the craft brewing community. Each can features one of ten talented craft beer industry professionals from across the country, along with a QR code linking to their stories of navigating success and setbacks within the craft beer industry.

Best Nonprofit Campaign of the Year

University of Maryland, Baltimore

The COVID-19 pandemic situated the University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) as a leader in local, state, and national community health outreach as well as a global leader in vaccine development, policy, and deployment. UMB moved quickly to offer public service education and outreach, expertise, and clinical trial research to support the community and the world during the pandemic. UMB’s support was integral to key stakeholders, including peer institutions, state, national and global policymakers. Our expertise and leadership during this unprecedented pandemic enabled us to continue our mission to improve the human condition and serve the public good. UMB’s outreach ensured we reach populations outside the digital divide by incorporating strong collaborations with community partners. UMB’s external marketing and outreach leveraged University of Maryland, Baltimore’s trusted position as an anchor institution and aimed to overcome vaccine hesitancy, health equity issues, and vaccine access within our community.

Best Event Marketing Campaign of the Year

Sheppard Pratt (Agency: idfive)

Sheppard Pratt needed to raise awareness for its new mental health facility near 1-95 and BWI, accessible to regional and national patients. With a humanistic, therapeutic design—all patient rooms face wooded areas to capitalize on the healing power of nature—the new hospital shatters mental health facility stereotypes. 

The “Hope is Here” campaign positions the hospital as a metaphor for where mental health treatment is going. The core messaging contains a dual meaning: Sheppard Pratt is where people can find help, and a new facility is here to provide compassionate care. The visual treatment positioned the new facility as a place of light, order, and calm, consistent with the space’s soft, warm color palettes.

Across all platforms, the campaign performed at or above healthcare industry benchmarks. Leveraging the campaign’s success, ”Hope is Here” became the branding for the grand opening event, Sheppard Pratt’s 2021 annual report, and the hospital itself.

Best Email Marketing Campaign of the Year

BGE (Agency: ICF)

In November 2021, Baltimore Gas Electric (BGE) launched a new online tool, BGE Business Energy Manager. The tool is available for all BGE business customers, provides them with an in-depth look at their facility’s energy use in the simplest way possible, and suggests customized energy-saving solutions. BGE needed to raise awareness for the new tool, what it offers, the benefits available, and to drive customers to create an account.

BGE determined the most cost-effective way to introduce the tool was through a dedicated email campaign targeted to small- and medium-sized businesses within their service territory. The problem that this email campaign aimed to solve was the need to raise awareness during the height of the holiday season and gain the attention of busy business customers juggling several priorities.

Best Social Media Campaign of the Year

Maryland Health Benefit Exchange (Agency: GMMB)

What do you get when you cross a government agency and social media influencers? Healthy results. After years of small scale influencer engagements, Maryland Health Connection went all in for the 2022 open enrollment period. With a target audience of Marylanders 19-34, and an emphasis on Black and Hispanic/Latino Marylanders, the agency dialed up tactics to reach and influence this population. By working with food bloggers, lifestyle influencers, professional athletes, and others, more Marylanders got the chance to learn about how they could take care of their health and their lifestyle through creative and authentic content. These efforts resulted in the largest ever year-over-year enrollment increases among young adults in Maryland.

Best Video Marketing Campaign of the Year

BlackSky (Agency: Fifteen4)

Fifteen4’s brand video for BlackSky introduced a fast-growing and highly innovative company to the world. As they prepared for their initial public offering, BlackSky needed a suite of content that would differentiate them from competitors in the intelligence space and build their brand awareness among potential investors and customers. Fifteen4 created content and assets that elevated the BlackSky brand, with this brand video as the centerpiece. Combining stock footage with animated motion graphics and text treatments, the video outlines a complex value proposition without delving into specific details. It allows compelling visuals to do the heavy lifting, while making a compelling case for a deeper exploration into BlackSky’s solution set.

Best Digital Marketing Campaign of the Year

Baltimore Police Department (Agency: idfive)

Like departments nationally, the Baltimore Police Department faced major recruitment challenges, and strained community relationships with the community compounded these challenges. The BPD didn’t have the time or budget to rebrand: its recruitment campaign needed to serve double duty as a rebranding effort.

Hundreds of hours of officer and community interviews yielded a clear conclusion: traditional macho recruitment messages wouldn’t work. Instead of “cops,” the community wanted the police to be a force for positive social change.

The  #aforceforgood campaign tells stories of real officers who’ve made a real difference in Baltimore, with messaging that focuses on the positive aspects of policing without glossing over the challenges. 

The campaign included digital display ads, paid search, and social media video content as well as :60, :30, and :15 online commercials featuring interviews, body camera footage, and officer profiles.

Best Single Unit Print Advertisement Campaign of the Year

Tiny Jewel Box (Agency: KLUTCH)

“GIVE JOY!” was the theme for Tiny Jewel Box’s 2021 holiday season and is reflected throughout the entire direct mail piece as a story supported by iconic illustrations reflecting the joy of giving. The story begins with a personal message from the owners and continues, showcasing events and highlighting designer pieces. Foil stamping, embossing and specialty papers further enhanced the direct mail “GIVE JOY!” message. Altogether fulfilling and staying true to the Tiny Jewel Box brand-luxurious, unique, memorable. Making 2021 was the most successful sale in Tiny Jewel Box’s 110-year history.

Best Print Advertisement Campaign of the Year


TEDCO focused its print ads on highlighting not only the brand but also the funds and resources it provides to Maryland entrepreneurs. The ads featured various images that related to the target audience, such as photos of Baltimore City or Maryland, or diverse groups of people. Ads were also strategically placed in publications that were targeted towards diverse audiences and/or audiences that were spread out across the State. Some of these publications included The AFRO Magazine, Women of Color Magazine, Greater Baltimore Committee Membership Directory and Leadership Maryland Yearbook.

Best Direct Mail Campaign of the Year


At HBP, Inc., the belief is that customer education, through scheduled newsletters help to inspire customer loyalty by building trust. When you educate your customers; they find better ways to use your products and services. They’ll know which features will benefit them and how to use them. Educating the customer helps them learn tips, tricks, and best practices that provide them more value. The newsletter still remains one of our most requested marketing products.

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