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Judging Process

The Process

The MX Awards committee sets criteria, tabulates results, and certifies finalists and winners. An esteemed panel of judges consists of CMOs, national AMA leaders or executives, nationally recognized agency leaders, authors, and marketing academics outside of the Baltimore area.

All entries are judged at least twice, and by different judges, all of whom are experts in the particular category. Judges make all decisions regarding eligibility, finalists, and winners. Judges’ decisions are final.

Each entry must include answers to the four questions listed here, 250 words maximum for each question. Judges score each entry based on goals, objectives, and results; strategy; implementation; and creative approaches and effectiveness on a 1 to 10 scale, with 10 being the highest. The winner is the entry with the highest number of points in each category.

Entry Questions

What was the marketing problem you were trying to solve for your client/organization?

Judges score on how clearly the challenge is stated. (250 words maximum)

What were the creative and strategic factors driving the outcome of your work?

Judges score on how well the creative, strategy, and tactics relate to achieving the objective(s). (250 words maximum)

What were the tangible outcomes of your work? The response from your audience? Please include measurable results, if applicable.

Judges score how effective the entry was in producing results that tie to the stated objective(s). The results are more heavily weighted, so it is extremely important to describe the results in measurable terms as possible to prove the objective(s) was/were achieved. (250 words maximum)

X Factor: What sets your work and/or organization apart from the rest?

Judges consider your X factor in their scoring, so do your best to differentiate your work and organization from the competition. (250 words maximum)

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